Can you install Windows Vista on a Compaq EVO N1000c p4-1.7 40 Gig laptop c4k d-041?

Answer Without an upgrade to the computer's system memory, Windows Vista cannot be installed on a Compaq Evo N1000c laptop. Windows Vista requires at least 512 MB of system memory for Home versions while ... Read More »

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Can you upgrade a Compaq Evo N1000C video card laptop?

The video adapter for the Compaq Evo N1000C notebook cannot be removed or upgraded. It is a permanent part of the computer's logic board. You can upgrade other components, such as the hard disk and... Read More »

I bought a pc, its windows xp its got 360 mb of ram 40gig hard drive. my laptop is 192mb or ram and 20 gig hd?

It's too bad you didn't post this question (or something similar) before you bought that 360 Megs of RAM and a 40 Gig hard drive memory starved computer.ALL answers would have been UPGRADE to at le... Read More »

How to Install Windows XP on a Dell Inspiron Laptop With Vista?

Windows Vista was released in 2007. Many users were unhappy with the new operating system, wishing to downgrade their computers to the trusted Windows XP operating system. Microsoft acknowledged th... Read More »

Where is the contrast button on the Compaq Vista laptop computer?

The contrast button is on the left hand side of the Compaq keyboard. Locate it by its symbol, which looks like a shining sun. Press the key to set the preferred contrast for your computer screen.Re... Read More »