Can you install Linux into your 2nd generation iPod Nano?

Answer AnswerNo, as of April 2008, Ipod Linux does not work ipod nano generations 2 - 4. It does work with the 1st generation though. edit: Now you can it is fully supported

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How do you install Linux on a 2nd generation iPod nano?

AnswerI don't think you can. Here is what is compatible with putting Linux into you're iPod.... (What I'm trying to say is that this is the versions that can do the project and which can't) 1st ... Read More »

How to Install iPod Linux on a 4G or Nano using Windows and the Johnny West Installer?

Like many iPod owners you may have become interested in installing the iPod Linux operating system, perhaps just to see if it works, to view photographs and videos on a non-video iPod, to play iDoo... Read More »

Can you trade in the ipod nano 8g 4th generation for the new ipod nano with video?

What is the difference between an apple ipod nano 2nd generation and apple ipod nano 3rd generation?

Answer Main difference is 3rd gen plays videos. gen 3 is shorter but wider, gen 2 costs more, buy gen 3. I have a Gen 2 and i love it, but i'd prefer the gen 3 instead.I have a gen 3 and I reckon i... Read More »