Can you insert a film into digital camera?

Answer No you cannot insert film into a digital camera. its digital, not film, it right in the name if your not sure, film only goes in film cameras like a pentax, promaster, kodak, olympus, and canon. _... Read More »

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How do you insert memory card into digital camera?

I would go sit down and have a Burger; read directions and test it out. Don't get frustrated I was new to digital Cam's at one point too. Just remember no matter how frustrated you get think of tha... Read More »

Is there any possibility to convert my old SLR Minolta 35mm film camera into a digital camera?

No there isn't although it isn't a new idea. The Kodak DCS420 used a digital back on a modified Nikon N90s in 1994.In 2003 Imacon partnered with Kodak and Leica to produce a digital back for use wi... Read More »

I smashed my digital camera into a million pieces with a large hammer in an attempt to wind the film on?

You neglected to have you eye close enough to the viewfinder when you swung the hammer. Try again this time place the camera up to your eye and swing into the lens. You might also try setting the c... Read More »

How do you insert a film into an slr?

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