Can you incubate chicken eggs after they were in the refrigerator overnight?

Answer Yes, one night at lower than idea temperatures should not effect the hatch. This is natures way of allowing for eggs laid in a natural environment that may drop quite cold at nights. Many hens will... Read More »

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How long does it take to incubate chicken eggs?

On One Hand: 21 Days With Proper Incubator ConditionsEggs should be stored at temperatures between 55 and 60 degrees F and placed within an incubator within 10 days of being laid. The incubator sho... Read More »

How long will fresh chicken eggs keep in the refrigerator?

Length of Time Chicken Eggs Are GoodVarious answers by our contributors:Eggs can remain edible for even longer than a month, but freshness (egg yolk that sits firm and high, and a thick viscous egg... Read More »

How to Incubate Eggs at Home?

Schools and agricultural clubs across the country often teach students about animal life cycles by incubating chicken or duck eggs. Eggs can also be successfully hatched at home with the proper ca... Read More »

How to Incubate Tokay Gecko Eggs?

Tokay geckos are hard to incubate but here is a way.