Can you imagine your life without internet?

Answer Somethinks we wouldn't be able to do witout internet1)ask you question2)get news abut the world around quicker3)great places that are far away from you4)if you have a pain or hurt or you get the... Read More »

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Do you ever imagine what your contacts/fans look like/are like in real life?

real pictures uphowever, hairs back to black and put my piercings back in.hmm lets seeBorn May 28th 1991I'm really short, people think im tall and their first comment always is 'wow you're shorter ... Read More »

How has the internet been more helpful or harmful to your life?

Well, if the question is in the context of my life (me, myself and I), then certainly it is more helpful than harmful. It is in fact a part of my life, and possibly the same for all (Ok, 99%) of th... Read More »

Has your life gotten simpler or more complex since you started using the Internet?

Life has gotten MUCH simpler since the internet has flourished. I like the fact that I can pay all my bills online, saving me the 42 cents and hassle of writing checks or buying money orders every... Read More »

How to Balance Your Family Life While Building Your Internet Business?

Here are some tips to help make parents and kids enjoy each passing day, while working at home developing your internet business.