Can you hurt yourself from coughing too hard?

Answer There is one problem with coughing too hard and that is that you could end up with a hernia. The pulled muscle that you are referring to could possibly be a hernia. A lump or a bulge is usually w... Read More »

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Is my sinus infection getting better, or worse Coughing up more crud, but coughing a lot less than I was...?

You're getting better. Never expect a cough to go away that soon no matter if you have antibiotics or not. A cough will last at least 2 weeks.

Do i have a chest infection i have a sore throat i keep coughing up this green stuff i have a very chesty cough and my nose is blocked which makes it hard to breath.?

How to Eat Hard Food When Your Teeth Hurt?

Some people have sensitive teeth, and whenever they eat hard foods, their teeth hurt. Here are some tips to prevent that.

Why are some pimples under the skin and are hard and hurt?

I dont know but I have one on my chin right now too - just under the surface so you cant really see it but I can feel it. I guess we are right to just leave them alone and hope our bodies do the na... Read More »