Can you hurt the baby in the uterus if you twist from your abdomen?

Answer My daughter was just told this yesterday and her doctor said that she expects the baby in no more than 10 days. So while all women are different, labor could begin around 10 days.

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Do you feel your uterus in lower abdomen?

You generally can't feel the top of your uterus until after 12 weeks. Before then the uterus is tucked behind your pubic bone. Of course if you are having uterine cramping, you can tell where the c... Read More »

How does some one externally feel their uterus for pregnancy and where exactly on the lower abdomen is it located?

AnswerYou will be able to feel your uterus just above the pubic bone right at the bottom of your abdomen from about 13 weeks. The slimmer you are the easier it is to feel. At this stage it is about... Read More »

Why does my abdomen hurt Should I go to the hospital?

If it doesn't pass on it's own soon, you should at least call a doctor or visit an urgent care facility. Abdominal pains are usually a warning sign unless you can account for something you ate tha... Read More »

Can I press in to deep and hurt my fetus on my abdomen?

Answer no there is fat and muscles and fluid all protecting baby. Pressing usually can't get deep enough-------------Now, if someone is punching you that is different. Anything that hurts mommy, c... Read More »