Can you hook up vacuum cleaner to heavy duty extension cord?

Answer 4 yearsThis is a very silly answer. Refrigerators are not particularly high tech. Just a compressor and a sealed circuit for evaporation/cooling.I am just in the process of replacing a fridge/freez... Read More »

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How to Change a Plug on Heavy Duty Extension Cord?

Extension cords can become damaged at the plug. The prongs on the plug can become loose, a vehicle can run over the plug or the wiring can come loose because the plug was removed from the wall by p... Read More »

Is it safe to plug in a refrigerator to a heavy duty extension cord?

If you mean that the (heavy duty) extension cord has a wire size of #14 or #12 wire in it and that the length is not over 50 feet then you will have no trouble running a refrigerator. Keep in mind ... Read More »

What is the amperage of a heavy-duty 14/3 outdoor power cord?

14/3 wire refers to 14-gauge cable with 3 conductors carrying power, neutral and ground. 14-gauge cable at 110 volts is rated at 17 amps. Limitations include the size of the circuit that the power... Read More »

How do you hook up your upholstery cleaner to a Kirby vacuum cleaner?

they stink really badYou can't hook up an upholstery cleaner to a Kirby unless it is a KIRBY upholstery cleaner that you buy separately and it attaches to it on the front of the machine.I have the ... Read More »