Can you hook up an External fax on DSL line & have it work?

Answer You have to hook the fax machine to a analog line. Your DSL phone line should work fine. If you do not have one, there is a device that I use called "Magic Jack". You can plug it into a good USB... Read More »

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Can you hook up external speakers to a lcd tv?

External speakers can be connected to most televisions but it is dependant on the model. It is certainly desirable to use external speakers with most televisions as the internal speakers are normal... Read More »

How do I hook an external hard drive to a PS3?

FormatPurchase a compatible external USB connect hard drive. Using GParted or some other similar partition program on your computer, format the hard drive to FAT32.ConnectPlug the formatted hard dr... Read More »

How to Hook Up a Dell PC to an External Monitor?

You can use the video connection cable that came with your external monitor to hook up a monitor to your Dell PC. External monitors have various video connection types. Common Dell video connection... Read More »

How to Hook Up a DVD Recorder Without an External Box, Such As a Cable Box?

A DVD recorder allows you to save digital video directly from your television's on-screen content. You can route your cable box or other external box through the DVD recorder to secure the best qua... Read More »