Can you hook up a router to a computer that is not connected to the modem, but still has internet connection?

Answer Depending on the type of device this spare is, it will most likely not be able to provide you any additional range of signal in your home. The only way this would be possible is if it were a modem/... Read More »

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I just got my (german) o2 phone connected with the router, but there is no internet connection.?

Have you contacted your service provider? They'd be much better placed to answer your question and much more likely to be able to fix it. No one on here will be able to remotely diagnose your probl... Read More »

Does having a router for your modem make your internet connection slower?

No. Why should it?And let me be clear in that: noticeably slower. Web pages will not load twice as fast without a router compared to with one. The speed difference will be somewhere in nanoseco... Read More »

Why did my modem/router's firewall suddenly prevent my internet connection entirely?

It's possible your firewall was 'protecting' you from some 'port scanner' or 'DNS attack' .. although it seems more likley it just 'got upset' about something (i.e. some sort of 'bug' in the firew... Read More »

Do I need a modem in a computer to install a DSL Internet connection?

You do not need an internal modem to install DSL service. You need an external modem, also known as a DSL transceiver or router, which is sometimes offered free when you purchase DSL service packag... Read More »