Can you hook up a car radio to 110 volts?

Answer Car radios run on 12 volts DC (direct current). To hook the car radio up to your household voltage, you need a 12-volt DC power supply that plugs into the wall to change the 110 volts AC (alternati... Read More »

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Hi, I'm using old fm radio reciever(240 Volts) with inbuilt speakers.?

No way to answer. Is there an aux input you can use?

How to Hook Up an Amp to a Car Radio?

Custom car stereos commonly have amplifiers included in the system. The amps provide the necessary signal strength to power a multitude of stereo speakers. If you have or plan to include a sub-woof... Read More »

Can you use 220 volts 60 hertz South Korean home appliances vacuum cleaner iron fans etc in Europe or in Bangladesh at 220 volts 50 hertz?

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How to Hook Up RCA Cables to a Car Radio?

Some car stereos use RCA cables to carry preamp-level signals from the radio, or receiver, to an external amplifier that boosts the signal and then sends it to the speakers. RCA cable connections o... Read More »