Can you hook a home VCR player to a computer?

Answer A home VCR player can easily be hooked up to a personal computer that has a TV tuner card installed in it. Many TV tuner cards have coaxial and A/V connectors for hooking up input devices such as ... Read More »

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How do you hook up your blue ray player to your computer?

I think this is the right way as I don't have a blue- ray player so this is my guess, attach the USB you got with it in the computer/ laptop in the USB hole (connect the other end into the blue- ra... Read More »

How to Hook Up a Computer Screen to a Car DVD Player?

Most car DVD players attach to the back of the two front seats, allowing individuals sitting in the back to view DVD content. These DVD players have built-in video output connections, giving you th... Read More »

I just bought a LG blu ray player and and i couldnt hook it up to my home wireless internet?

You can't have 2 computers/devices on a network with the same ip address. So if you're going to use a static address for your player, you need to choose one on the right subnet (as you did) but is ... Read More »

Can you hook up a standard dvd player to a computer monitor (no pc connected) instead of a TV?

If your monitor has HDMI, DVI, component, s-video or composite inputs then yes. If it only has a RGB (pc connection) then not without a converter box. They go for about 50 bucks.