Can you hook a camera up to any PC?

Answer You should be able to hook up any camera to a computer via a USB cable. However, some cameras may need to be turned on or placed in a special PC mode in order to be usable. Refer to your owner's ma... Read More »

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Can you hook a camera to a PSP?

On One Hand: Portable Camera FunctionalityAs of January 2010, the camera peripherals available for the PlayStation Portable (PSP) offer the ability to take up to 40,000 photos. They also offer vide... Read More »

How do i hook up my camera to my computer?

The GR-AX230 is a compact VHS camcorder (download the users manual from the JVC support website):…Here's a helpful guide to get started - read Section 3 o... Read More »

How do I hook up a mini DV camera to USB?

Connecting to PortConnect one end of the USB video cable to the mini DV camera's USB port. This is usually found on one side of the camera under a rubber flap that covers the ports. The other end s... Read More »

How to Hook Up My Camera to My Laptop?

Hook up your camera to your laptop to transfer the pictures and videos off your camera's storage device and onto your hard drive. Once you have your pictures on your laptop you can edit, organize, ... Read More »