Can you honestly cook a pancake without the smoke alarms going off?

Answer You are so damn funny sparky i am not laughing at ur injuries but i have to say your questions are always good for a think and a giggle. May i have a perfect pancake please opps im sorry one of yo... Read More »

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Is there a way to get smoke smell (from going to a bar) out of a wool coat, without going to the dry cleaners?

Try hanging it in the bathroom the next time you take a hot shower the steam will help and then use the sprays if you wish.

Are smoke alarms radioactive?

Ionization smoke detectors, found in most homes, use a radioactive substance called americium-241 to detect the presence of smoke particles, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency. Thi... Read More »

How do I test equipment for smoke alarms?

Change the BatteriesTurn the power off on the smoke alarm, and take off the cover. Switch the batteries on the smoke alarm, and reinstall the smoke alarm cover.Test the AlarmHit the test button on ... Read More »

How many smoke alarms can be on 1 circuit?

It is important to have smoke detectors on their own circuit. Multiple smoke alarms can be put on one circuit, but the amount varies between manufacturers. Check in the instruction manual first, bu... Read More »