Can you help regarding my BT Vision?

Answer Here's what I found about BT Vision. Hope there is something in this article that may help you. Or you could phone their technical services.…

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Need help regarding VPN?

I use this http://www.vpnservice.bizI'd recommend buying a couple of days in advance and setting it up to make sure it works. Trying to trouble shoot things while on the road is always harder.

Help me understand old person vision?

Yep, you are at that problem stage. Two separate powers of reading glasses are needed.OR, you can probably eliminate the need for readers with the contacts by going " mono-vision "Reducing the pow... Read More »

PC help regarding CPU and Garphics card.?

Hi Ato M,I think CPU, with I7 process is sufficient for playing high quality games but you should use higher quality of graphics card as well with sufficient memory.

I need help regarding a dentist?

Definitley you can try another dentist for free (till your 18)Dentists do stress you get all the work done before your 18 - for your own good because they see SO many cases of people regretting not... Read More »