Can you help nerve or tendonitis?

Answer i have had really bad tendonitis for the last few years but because i am only 13 no doctors will do anything but give me pain killers and a splint, my work at school becomes greatly affected so i t... Read More »

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Does coq10 help alleviate pain of achilles tendonitis?

On One Hand: Not a Normal UseWebMD and do not state that coenzyme Q10, or coQ10, is a supplement intended for pain relief or pain caused by Achilles tendonitis. Its uses are in the areas ... Read More »

Help!!! Pinched nerve!!!!!?

You can reduce the pain from the pinched nerve by gently massaging the painful area with oil.

Types of Massage to Help Sciatic Nerve Pain?

Sciatic nerve pain, also known as sciatica, can be lessened with massage therapy. A pinched nerve can cause this pain, which radiates down the lower back and into the back of the leg. Massage thera... Read More »

Hello, my mom had the ulnar nerve surgery, please help?

I've had surgery recently. There are a few different types. Mine was a transposition where they relocated the nerve in the arm via the elbow. I've still not got feeling in the two affected fingers ... Read More »