Can you help me with this chmod script?

Answer 1. What does the php line do?It invokes the php script given as the first argument, you'd need to read the PHP script itself to figure out what it's actually doing.(conventionally, php scripts are ... Read More »

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Chmod a+x not working, any help?

Yes, chmod is completely the wrong area. If there is a soft limit in place you may be able to raise it via ulimit but generally the default is no limit (i.e. limited by available memory). That le... Read More »

What's the flag for chmod to recursively traverse a directory?

-R or --recursivedo a man chmod...An answer to your edit, yes.

What kind of program i used to run the chmod command. and how can i execute it.?

Here are some links to assist you in understanding this particular command, such as where and how to use it:…http://catco... Read More »

I need help with this script like idk if its possible?

See if this is what you are looking for:…The page generates a security code on run-time and checks whether the user inputs correct code when the button is... Read More »