Can you help me with proxies?

Answer The proxies are simple to block. All their filtering software has to do is try and connect to the ip address and if it sees a proxy connection block it. The other big problem is that the proxies ar... Read More »

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I need some help with Proxies?

Click on your orange Firefox tab in the top left hand corner, then select options from right hand side above help. Next click on Advanced Tab then the Network Tab. Where it say's connection "How ... Read More »

Any new proxies?


Here goes a big list for you http://www.freevisit.infohttp://www.hidemyclick.infohttp://www.myproxie.infohttp://www.freeproksea.infohttp://www.freeproxie.infohttp://www.surffreely.infohttp://www.go... Read More »

How to Make MTG Proxies?

Magic: the Gathering is a card game based around casting spells to defeat an opponent. Each card in a deck is a spell that is cast to summon a creature, damage an opponent or have a number of othe... Read More »