Can you help me with my boyfriend.....?

Answer Your selfish boyfriend doesn't need to get fixed. BUT, your MORALS do. You are not normal currently, you need to CHECK yourself. You are probably making your boyfriends wife cry alot. TALK about ba... Read More »

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HELP! Boyfriend with BAD stomach pains!!!?

Why would my ex boyfriend blocked me on Facebook help with this!?

My ex also blocked me at the beginning of September! He also blocked me on his phone all because I told him I cheated on him which I didn't I just wanted to see what he said. I told him I was jokin... Read More »

14 and 11 year old want to live with grandma in california. Mother moved in with boyfriend and the boyfriend is abusive?

You need to get a lawyer and get these kids in the grandmothers house, like now.

Where can a pregnant 16-year-old get help if her family and boyfriend will not help her?

AnswerGo to a women's health clinic, they'll help you if noone else will. AnswerYou can't force your family to help you because it's not their responsibility. It is the father's responsibility. So... Read More »