Can you help me with a question about eBay?

Answer You expect it to be shipped in 2 days? Email seller again and give the same information on size. Ask for a shipping date. If you dont get it in a week, open a dispute for Item Not Received. Maybe... Read More »

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EBay Question! Please help?

Because that is the bid, you have 15.00 in there, so if some other person bids, there will be told the Minimum bid is 10.52 and be told there is a higher bid. That bidder can bid up to !5.00, ever... Read More »

Question about ebay?

Are you sure that it was you that won,sometimes a seller gets a good offer and just decides to sell it to that person by ending the auction early, a notice usually comes up on the auction page "ite... Read More »

Question about eBay....?

use his account info along with your ebay transaction number and make deposit in his account and request a receipt

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