Can you help me reset my watch to standard time?

Answer Just figured it the mode button for about 3 seconds. That will take you the alarm, but if you press it again it will take you to set the time. Use the adjust button to change the numb... Read More »

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How do i reset the time change on my timex 1440 sports watch?

Buttons are numbered as followed:Start/Stop is button 1Lap/Rst is button 2Indiglo is button 3Mode is button 4a) Press 4 to select "TIME" modeb) Press 2 and hold for 2 sec to select "SET" mode, seco... Read More »

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What is the standard length of men's watch bands?

Men's watch bands can be ordered in many different lengths. Sizes ranging from short to standard to European standard and extra long are available if one is looking for a custom fit. Standard watch... Read More »