Can you help me please with my remote control?

Answer try moving the batteries around then try again.if you are using the correct instructions then it should be working.i had problems with mine in the beginning, it is to do with technical flick of the... Read More »

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I need help with a remote control on a panasonic dmr es40v.?

You might first check to see if the remote has batteries. From experience, I have had manfacturers return my item to them WITHOUT batteries-- I don't know if this is for safety reasons or to reduc... Read More »

Where can you get help with your direct tv remote control?

u all u do is say to ur self stupid stupid stuuuupid then u go to movies scrool down were it says saved programs then find ur movie the clicke ok then what ever boutton it says delete press it.. TH... Read More »

Your air-con Remote Control Unit is dead you have replaced the batteries with new ones it is still not working help?

I need a remote programming code for a Comcast remote. My TV is a new Sylvania. Help please !?

i have the same problem! same brand of TV and all.!! did u try calling them? hope u have more luck than I did!!do u happen to use a remote thats not the original remote for the tv?