Help! My iPod froze! What can i do!!?

Answer Flip the hold switch back and forth 4 times. Then Hold down Menu and Center bouton, until you see the Apple Logo (Usually 10-15 seconds). Or hold down the Center bouton and the play/pause bouton, o... Read More »

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My ipod froze please help?

You have to reset it, Hold down the menu button and the center button at the same time until it resets. This won't affect your songs!

Please Help my IPod touch 5g Froze.?

Try leaving your ipod in a cool, dark place for 24 hours, being off. After 24 hours try turning it back on and wait for it turn on. Despite the fact of how long it will take. If this doesnt work, t... Read More »

Help me, my ipod nano just froze up and it wont do anything!?

Try pressing the center button and the top part of the click wheel at the same time for several seconds. This should reset it. My boyfriend is a big Mac fan, and says that occasionally, iPods don't... Read More »

Ti-84 froze?

if it's still blinking and can turn on, its not froze, make sure the log button isn't stuck