Can you help me brainstorm fun names for a cocktail?

Answer These are just some names that I started thinking of, some are spinoffs of real drinks, and some are just made up so you can use it for any drink...100 Yard/Meter Dashthe Usain Bolt (fastest man in... Read More »

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all you need is a blender and ice and other ingredients.You can make a virgin strawberry daiquiri or pina colda.Even a frozen fruit shake.There are tons of virgin frozen drink recipes online.For ex... Read More »

I need help with Coffee names and whatnot. Help, please?

Depends on what you're making. I mix cafe cubano with milk for cafe de leche. I don't "cappuccinos". If you're just having coffee, use creamer. Milk is for tea. Anc foffe with a littel sugar to swe... Read More »

How to Brainstorm?

Brainstorming is one of the most common types of informal invention. It can be used when writers encounter writers' block or when they are not sure what to write about. Brainstorming can also be us... Read More »

How to Brainstorm Topics?

Brainstorming is a free-form process by which ideas or topics are listed, contemplated and focused toward a specific project. This process generates new ideas and enlivens old ones by creating the ... Read More »