I need volume on the computer, there is a speaker, but no volume control on the task bar.........?

Answer Go to Start -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Entertainment -> Volume Control.Voila!!! You can change the volume now.And to enale the volume icon in your task bar... Go to Start -> Control Panel ->... Read More »

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What was the original price for comic books when they were first published?

The first comic books were written and published in the early 1930s and sold for $0.10 each. They included titles, such as "Funnies on Parade," "Famous Funnies," the "Phantom" and "Detective Comics... Read More »

How to Calculate the Volume-Weighted Average Price?

When you take the average of a number of transactions without weighting them, a transaction for 10 units would have the same effect on the average as a transaction for 1,000 units. To fix this prob... Read More »

I need the ein number for wal-mart in las vegas can somebody help me?

If you work there ask the manager. If not, you cannot have that stuff. It is like getting a social security # from a private person. Stuff needs to be protected.

Need to find out a uk ex directory landline telephone number pleeeeeeeeeeeeeesse help me?