What was the original price for comic books when they were first published?

Answer The first comic books were written and published in the early 1930s and sold for $0.10 each. They included titles, such as "Funnies on Parade," "Famous Funnies," the "Phantom" and "Detective Comics... Read More »

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How to Calculate the Volume-Weighted Average Price?

When you take the average of a number of transactions without weighting them, a transaction for 10 units would have the same effect on the average as a transaction for 1,000 units. To fix this prob... Read More »

How to Find Number of Moles From Volume?

Finding the number of moles of a given volume has nothing to do with searching for little animals burrowing in your lawn. A mole is a chemical measurement unit with 6.02 * 10^23 particles, which is... Read More »

How to Create a Comic in Comic Life?

Creating a Comic in Comic Life is an easy five-step process.

Who won the World Cup in 1944?

The first World Cup soccer tournament was held in Uruguay in 1930. Following subsequent tournaments in France in 1934 and Italy in 1938 it did not take place again until 1950, because of World War ... Read More »