Can you help an old dude with computer problems?

Answer When you connect the external [Buffalo] drive to your system, you usually see an icon representing it. You can simply double click the icon to explore the contents.Now, while that drive is open, y... Read More »

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Help with Computer Monitor Color Problems?

1. Check the connections of the video cable (behind your monitor and computer) make sure it is snug.2. Try changing cable (buy a new one)3. Borrow someone else's monitor to test.4. If the problem s... Read More »

HELP ME PLEASE!. With spyware problems, I can't get it off my computer.?

Wow, too many wrong answers and from "Top" guys too. I give everyone an "E" for effort, but an "F" overall. Sorry guys... Now on to solving your problem...This is not a problem at all. Here's what ... Read More »

Help!! Computer problems ?

That's what happens when you download crap for games from an unreliable source.Go into safe mode with networking, install, and run a full scan with MBAM, it's free: Read More »

Computer problems hw help?

1 b. microprocessor2 b. A smaller system that can be more easily controlled is developed to meet the highest-priority requirements.3 d. All of these 4. c. Results can be ambiguous. 5. d. filter.