Can you help Want to bake a bueberry pie, have following ingredients:?

Answer If you have the filling and the ready-made crust, put all the rest of the stuff back. Pour the filling into the crust and put the new pie into the fridge to get firm. When you are ready to serve pu... Read More »

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What can I make for dinner I have the following ingredients.....?

What can i bake from these ingredients?

Do you also have vanilla, baking powder, etc...If ever here is a site with lots of easy desserts, like cookies and cupcakes...

How can I create a two course dish with these following ingredients?

For an entre, I would do seasoned chicken (salt/pepper/garlic/basil) over couscous w/asparagus, olives & broccolini. You could do a vanilla pudding with fresh dates.

Help me make dinner! I have these ingredients:?

Use flour to coat the beef and Brown it on both sides in a pan with a little oil. Rinse the carrots, slice the potatoes, add whatever veggies you like,and put all of it in the crock pot with the be... Read More »