Can you heat up asphalt sealer buckets?

Answer On One Hand: It's Not NecessaryYou don't need to heat up asphalt sealer. According to Gardner-Gibson, the best time to seal your asphalt is in the spring or summer, when the air is already warm, so... Read More »

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Does Asphalt Sealer Go Bad?

Asphalt in its natural state will degrade over time, particularly with exposure to the sun and inclement weather. Many asphalt sealers contain added polymer to improve performance, but should be re... Read More »

Does asphalt sealer fade?

Asphalt sealers, which are primarily petroleum based, cannot repel the sun's rays because of their chemical composition. Therefore, they begin to fade soon after a coating of sealer is applied.Sour... Read More »

How thick should asphalt sealer be?

Asphalt sealer should be at least 12 mm thick when dry on a driveway at a private residence, and should be applied in one coat. For a commercial driveway or parking lot, it should be at least 20 to... Read More »

How do I choose an asphalt driveway sealer?

Sealer ComponentsChoose an asphalt sealer with a lot of solids in it. The solids help to fill in small cracks or holes. According to, the best asphalt sealers leave the greatest... Read More »