Can you heat soy milk?

Answer Soy milk is commonly used in cooking and can be heated to the point of boiling. As with cow milk, and most other foods, heating soy milk to its scalding point may negatively affect taste.Source:The... Read More »

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Is it harmful to health to heat milk bag in microwave oven and then boil the milk?

This practice may be harmful for health because the polythene milk bag may not be microwave safe and some portion of it may melt and contaminate the milk.

How to Heat Milk Without Scalding?

Warm milk is useful in recipes, to coax yourself to sleep, and as food for an infant. Don't let impatience ruin a whole pot of milk, heat it properly and carefully.

How to Heat Up Frozen Breast Milk?

Storing breast milk in the freezer is an effective way in which to have milk for times when a mother is unable to breastfeed her baby. Since breast milk can be safely stored in the freezer for up t... Read More »

Is it safe to heat soy chocolate milk?

On One Hand: Heating soy milk too fast can cause it to curdle.If you heat soy milk too hot too fast, it can curdle or bubble over. The curdling is caused from the heat, not because the soy milk is ... Read More »