Can you heat press melamine plates?

Answer A heat press is exactly what melamine plate manufactures use to mold these products. Melamine is well suited to heat pressing, since it easily takes any shape under heat and pressure. All melamine ... Read More »

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Can you microwave melamine plates?

No. Melamine plates and dishware are not microwave or dishwasher safe. Melamine is mixed with formaldehyde to create melamine resin, which is used to produce a number of products, including dishwar... Read More »

How to Print on Melamine Plates?

You can print on melamine plates using a glass or enamel paint. Processes you can use include painting, stamping or stenciling. All ages can print or paint on melamine plates. The drying process is... Read More »

How to Decorate Melamine Plates?

Melamine plate decorating kits, found in hobby shops and toy stores, make interesting, personalized, functional art. Kits come with markers and paper (some, preprinted like a coloring book) to draw... Read More »

How to Design Your Own Melamine Plates?

Melamine plates are a practical dinnerware option that is especially well suited to families with small children. You can design your own melamine plates to complement your kitchen or dining room d... Read More »