Can you hear babies cry in the womb?

Answer There is a small percentage of mothers who may hear their babies cry i believed. As for me when I am at 29 weeks of pregnancy I heard one of my twins in the womb crying whenever I feel hungry or wh... Read More »

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When can a baby in the womb hear me?

A baby begins to develop the ability to hear during the third month in the mother's womb. By the third trimester, the mother will begin to feel the baby react to sounds by kicking or poking.Source:... Read More »

When can you hear baby heartbeat in the womb?

AnswerThe earliest a doctor can get a baby's heartbeat on a Doppler inside the womb is 9 weeks... any earlier and it might not be able to be heard! Hope this helps... on the flip side you should ta... Read More »

Just wondering Can babies cry in the womb?

Just wanted to respond to Jan 28th about the air bubble story.Sorry but that makes absolutely no sense. 1- A doctor would never inject an air bubble into a pregnant womans uterus/amniotic sac, far... Read More »

How are babies protcted inside the womb?

They are cushioned by the amniotic fluid.