Can you have your period during childbirth?

Answer No it will not return about 2 months after.

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You had your period for 2 weeks during the past two months now your breasts are leaking and very tender and you have only had sex last week since your last period is it possible that you are pregnant?

Do you have to push during childbirth?

Contrary to popular belief, you don't have to push if the baby is not in any distress and there's no rush to get him or her out. Your body will push him/her out for you.

Is it ok to have sex during your period?

um, u cant wait a few more days? Periods arent even that long sweetie.

How to Have Sex During Your Period?

Sex during your period can be messy, but why let that stop you? With a little discussion with your partner, and a little planning ahead, you can have a great time with great feeling, mess or no mess!