Can you have two modems on one cable?

Answer While theoretically, a cable will support a large number of cable modems, you can probably only have one in your house. This is because cable companies usually use your modem's hardware address to ... Read More »

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Are some cable modems faster than others?

Cable modems operate at different speeds depending on the provider, usage demand and data function (downloading or uploading). Cable modem providers claim speeds varying from 2 to 5 Mbps. Free onli... Read More »

Can you put two cable modems on the same line?

Yes, two cable modems can be on the same line. As long as both cable modems are compatible with each other and with the line on which you intend to place them and there is enough capacity for both ... Read More »

How do I activate cable modems?

Power Up ModemConfirm that you have an active cable Internet connection. Plug the power cord for your modem into the modem (if removable), and then into the wall. Screw the coaxial cable (the round... Read More »

How to Fix Router & Cable Modems for Online?

An enjoyable Internet experience relies on working hardware, including the cable modem and wireless router, for your broadband connection. However, hardware errors occur and equipment becomes fault... Read More »