Can you have two ebay accounts at the same address?

Answer Yes. All you need is a different email address. PayPal will let you link up to 6 eBay accounts to one PayPal account.

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Can you have 2 PayPal accounts eBay too?

eBay own PayPal .. and their 'anti-fraud' systems are quite good :-)Just ASSUME that eBay will 'link' your PayPal info. to your 'blocked' account and if you simply create another eBay a/c using the... Read More »

On ebay if you buy 2 items the same from the same seller do you have to pay for the postage twice?

Yes. Unles otherwise posted, but that is very rare. Usually vendors might have some sort of a discount, a buck or so. That's all.Now, they can ship the items together but you have to pay for indivi... Read More »

What Do eBay Business Accounts Have That Individuals Do Not?

With eBay, you can use a personal or business account to sell or buy products. The type of account to use depends on how you wish to use eBay. If you're purchasing items with an intent to sell them... Read More »

Do computers in the same house have the same IP address?

Outside your network (internet) yes.In your LAN noIn your case all computers are banned since the website sees the same IP address