Can you have surgery while pregnant?

Answer you can. but it could cause mental disabilities for the baby

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Is it safe to be pregnant after MVR heart surgery and taking medicine for it after surgery during pregnancy?

Check with your doctor if the package directions do not tell you the answer.

Can you have ear surgery when pregnant?

This depends on the type of surgery & stage of pregnancy. If the patient has unsafe ear disease with complication (of CSOM) like cranial abscess, meningitis etc. or malignancy then surgery has to b... Read More »

If you are scheduled to have knee surgery and you switch jobs and put your surgery off for several months can the new insurance company deny coverage of your surgery?

Is it ok to have dental surgery while pregnant?

Answer No easy answer to this one. Depends on the surgery, the anesthesia and how far along you are. Best to ask your OB/GYN about your specific needs.