Can you have surgery while pregnant?

Answer you can. but it could cause mental disabilities for the baby

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Is it ok to have dental surgery while pregnant?

Answer No easy answer to this one. Depends on the surgery, the anesthesia and how far along you are. Best to ask your OB/GYN about your specific needs.

Is it safe to have surgery for sinuses while pregnant?

Answer From what I understand the only surgeries you should have while your pregnant should only be the surgeries that are necessary to save your life. The ansthetic used could be harmful and to y... Read More »

Is gallbladder surgery safe while pregnant?

On One Hand: Recognized BenefitsMany women undergo gallbladder surgery while pregnant. Laparoscopic gallbladder operations are unobtrusive methods of surgery and are known to remedy the illness eff... Read More »

Can you have rhinoplasty surgery while you have a tooth infection?

While any surgery may technically be performed in the presence of a bodily infection, whether at the site of the surgery or distant to the site of surgery, the risks of both the primary site infect... Read More »