Can you have sex with your sister?

Answer That's called incest and is illegal. It could cause irreparable damage to you and your sisters relationship and with the family. Find a gf.Incest is illegal so you don't.

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I have sex with my sister and i don't like to have any galfriend or a life partner but some time i feel i have ruin my life as well as my sister's plez guide me cause i don't want to lose my sister.?

There is no need for you to loose your sister just because you stop having sex. You both need to move on and find people outside for your little world. Seek counseling in order to do this. And you ... Read More »

What is the closest relationship your daughter could have with your sisters nephews mothers sister?

She could be your sister's nephew's mother's sister's daughter, or aunt.

How to Have a Good Day With Your Twin Sister?

Do you want to have a day where its just you and your twin sister.With no distractions and no fights.If the answer is yes read on !

How to Have a Fun Sleepover With Your Little Sister?

Sometimes we need to set aside time in our busy lives to hang out with our little sister, and what better way to spend a free Friday night than have a sleepover with her! Even though kit sounds bor... Read More »