Can you have sex while wearing a tampon ?

Answer ok there are two openings one where urine comes out and one where you can have sex and the tampon goes in the one where you have sex thats why tampons are needed because its not the same as urinati... Read More »

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Women: What are the pros and cons of wearing a tampon vs. a pad?

Pros:1. Most women tend to find tampons much more comfortable, myself included!2. With tampons you can go swimming and the better comfort compared to a pad makes it easier to play other sports as w... Read More »

How to Look Like You Have Naturally Glossy Lips While Wearing Lipgloss?

Glossy Lips that Look NaturalHave you ever wanted lips that are shiny, but not weighed down with tons of gloss? Or do you just wear natural makeup, and want your lips to go with it? Here's how to m... Read More »

Is it safe to use a tampon if you are spotting while you are pregnant?

Answer Yes, unless the doctor says not to. Just treat it the same way you would during a period and be sure to change it often. I, personally, wouldn't suggest it because your body needs to get rid... Read More »

How to Swim While on Your Period Without a Tampon?

Well I think the title is pretty self-explanatory, but this is how to swim on your period without a tampon. I'm a swimmer so I had to use this trick for a while. It isn't perfect, but does work fai... Read More »