Can you have sex when your 15 and older?

Answer you may not be pregnant. your cycle could be changing but if you're having unprotected sex you may want to take a pregnancy test or go to the doctor. good luck.

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What outcome does colic have when your older on humans?

Probably tachypneic, which is excessively rapid respiration.

How can you tell if you have an older sibling who was adopted when you were a baby if your parents deny it?

You can compare the DNA between yourself and your older sibling. Siblings have APPROXIMATELY (as in, on average) 50% the same genes, because each gene has a random chance of being inherited from th... Read More »

I have an older tv (1990) . i have a Starchoice satalite system , will my older tv be affected Feb 17 ?

If you receive all your TV from satellite, no, as they have done the conversion for you.However, if you receive some US stations by antenna as well, you will need a converter for them.

When your kid(s), get older, what is the one thing/things he/she could do to break your heart?

To break my heart?Give up and settle.Not finish their education.I.V. and other hard drug using.Sex Industry.A Stepford Wife.An Abused Wife.Have a child before they are ready to.My girls are 16 (nex... Read More »