Can you have rough sex while pregnant?

Answer my friends sister said it hurts but not to much more than it hurt when it made you pregnant

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Can your baby get pregnant if you have sex while pregnant?

The baby can get pregnant only if it's a female. If you suspect that your baby is pregnant, try not to have sex again. You run the risk of getting your baby's baby pregnant and that can lead to com... Read More »

Could you be pregnant if you have watery discharge and do you have discharge while pregnant?

Discharge No, Sounds more like a STD. You need to be chcked out asap it sounds to me like you have chalmydia or bacterial vaginosis. But I doubt you are prego I have had 6 kids and never no watery ... Read More »

Can you have sex while you are pregnant?

Answer yes you can and if you want to ask a doctor some will tell you to have sex a couple days before your due date and it will help u have an easier birth Answer Yes! Unless your docotor tells... Read More »

How can you have sex while pregnant?

Im pregnant, and I have sex any way I want.AnswerUnless your doctor says you shouldn't and when you become uncomfortable during sex, you have it the same way. Obviously you cant stand on your head ... Read More »