Can you have renter's insurance with a different company than your auto insurance?

Answer Yes, you can. However, you may want to shop around since many companies will give you a discount when you have multiple products with them. Also, should you have an event that involves both, then y... Read More »

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Does your landlord have to repay the insurance company fo your renters insurance settlement?

Is it ok to change auto insurance after twenty years with the same company as another good insurance company can give a better discount because they already have your homeowners policy?

Answer This is perfectly okay. Things to check on is make sure your deductable hasn't risen significantly, as well as your coverage terms. You know, fine print things.

If your auto is hit the other driver's auto insurance pays all medical expenses and so does your health insurance must you reimburse your company?

Answer You do not have to reimburse your insurance company if the accident is the fault of the other driver and the claim is made on their insurance. If the accident is the fault of the other drive... Read More »

If your insurance pays you for an auto accident and the insurance company for the driver who hit you do you have to return one check?

%REPLIES% Answer If the other company only gave you the deductible amount, then probably not. But if both paid you the full amount, then you should turn the other company's check to yours. Answer ... Read More »