Can you have plants in your koi pond?

Answer Plants can be in koi ponds. Aquatic plants, like water lilies, provide protection for koi from predators, can be a source of food for koi and can keep the pond clean by reducing algae.Source:The Oh... Read More »

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How do I pot pond plants?

Prepare the PotPrepare 10- to 14-inch pot or flat container, such as trays and kitty litter boxes. Fill the tray or pot halfway with a quick-draining potting soil. Push two to four fertilizer table... Read More »

How to Oxygenate Plants in a Pond?

To maintain the health and appearance of the plants in your pond, you must take steps to make sure the plants are receiving an optimal amount of oxygen. There are a variety of ways to ensure your p... Read More »

Garden and Pond Plants?

Pond plants and garden plants are not mutually exclusive. Although water hyacinths, lotus and waterlilies require standing water in order to grow, other pond plants like lobelia and iris do well in... Read More »

How to Start Pond Plants?

The term "pond plants" denotes moisture-loving flowers and greenery that survive and thrive in shallow, fresh water. These pond plants add oxygen to the water for pond inhabitants, help keep the wa... Read More »