Can you have normal delivery after 2 cesareans?

Answer Some can but that is up to your doctor. He can examine you and decide for your case.

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Can you have a luteal phase defect after a normal pregnancy and delivery?

Answer From doing research it is possible to have LPD after a normal pregnancy, from reading nothing indicates that pregnancy itself will/would lead to this problem but I suggest doing some researc... Read More »

Is it normal for sex to hurt after vaginal delivery?

On One Hand: It Is NormalIt is normal for a woman to experience pain or discomfort after delivering vaginally. Sex can be especially painful if the woman had an episiotomy, or a laceration of the v... Read More »

Can you be pregnant if you have sex on got a normal period on it's normal time after two weeks from sex?

Answer Yes you can still be pregnant. It would be wise to seek personal medical advice .

Do I have to pay delivery man after paying for pizza online?

Yes, you should tip the delivery guy. You can either put the tip on the card - there is a tip line on the slip, you just fill in $3 or whatever - or you can tip with cash.If your pizza place charg... Read More »