Can you have natural birth with subchorionic haematoma?

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What could have been the cause of the Haematoma i've had in my arm?

E have they put you on antibiotics or any other medication at the hospital?i know you take Warfrin which is an anticoagulant medication but if they have put you on other drugs it may well reduce th... Read More »

How to Have a Natural Birth?

Childbirth is an experience that many women may wish to undergo without medical intervention or interference. If you are interested in a natural birth, follow these steps to give yourself the best ... Read More »

So....who is planning to have a natural birth?

I am going unmedicated. It is best for me and the baby. Babies that are born to mothers who have epitdurals are sluggish and can have a weak sucking reflex. And I want to be free to get up and w... Read More »

Who is youngest girl to have a natural birth?

The youngest with credible documentation was Lina Medina who was 4 years old when she became pregnant and 5 years old when she gave birth. Doctors felt it unsafe for her to give birth naturally at ... Read More »