Can you have lilacs in the house as a houseplant?

Answer NO. They are sun plants, and need to be outside. it is to stuffy insideno

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My Lilacs Have Gone to Green Seeds?

Lilacs are flowering shrubs native to Europe and Asia, and colonists first brought them to the United States early in the 17th century. These popular shrubs belong to the genus Syringa. Today there... Read More »

So far I have killed 7 flies in my house today...(do I have fly larvae in my house If so where would they be?

More then likely you are letting them in some how. Spiders tend to find crawl spaces and hybernate durring the winter. Flies do as well. Then summer comes along and POOF they are there. If you are ... Read More »

How to Use Lilacs As Decorations?

Do you want the beautiful scent and loveliness of lilacs in your own home?

How to Grow Lilacs?

There are over 100 species of lilacs, all of which grow as bushes or trees and produce fragrant flowers. Lilac flowers can be white, pink, purple and, of course, lilac. Most varieties of lilacs mus... Read More »