Can you have legal rights to disown sister?

Answer There is no legally actioniable way to "disown" someone. 'Disown' means to diisavow, or repudiate, someone, or some thing. You may "dis-inherit" someone (e.g.: as from a will) but you cannot disown... Read More »

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How can you disown your sister I am 15 and my sister is 17 and we live together and we just dont consider ouselves siblings how can i legally go about disowning her at my present age?

Just because your sister and you may have different personalities and they are clashing is no reason to completely lose tough with each other. It appears because your sister is two years older than... Read More »

Minor Child Legal Guardianship & Legal Rights of Parents?

Legal guardianship of a minor child is normally established by a probate court. Through a court order a person other than the child's parents is given the right to care for the child until the term... Read More »

What Are a Sister's Visitation Rights?

A sister may be able to obtain court-ordered visitation rights to spend time with her sibling who is still a minor child, but the requirements depend on the laws of the state where her sibling live... Read More »

Are there any sister rights laws. Can the mom keep the sisters from seeing each other?

The person with custodial responsibilities has control if all do not live in the same household.If one sister is under the custody of the mother, then the mother has the right to control who she se... Read More »