Can you have gastric bypass surgery if you have a hiatal hernia?

Answer Gastric bypass surgery is a form of surgery designed to help people lose weight. Surgeons staple the stomach to make it smaller so patients eat less food and bypass part of the small intestine so... Read More »

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Can diabetics have gastric bypass surgery?

On One Hand: Bariatric Surgery May Improve DiabetesGastric bypass, a type of weight-loss or bariatric surgery, can be performed on people with diabetes. According to Johns Hopkins, recent studies h... Read More »

How soon after having a baby can you have gastric bypass surgery?

On One Hand: Patients Can Safely Get PregnantGastric bypass patients who maintain a healthy weight may avoid obesity-related pregnancy complications, such as gestational diabetes and high blood pre... Read More »

I had Gastric Bypass surgery last February 2009. Since then, I have had Iron Deficiency Anemia and Low Platele?

yes. it 's because now your intestional tract is not as long. we seem to absorb nutrients there too. i had the roux en y done in 2007. i've lost 70 lbs. went from suze 24/26 in plus sizw to 1... Read More »

Who is a candidate for gastric bypass surgery?

Making the decision to have weight loss surgery is an important one. If you're seriously considering gastric bypass surgery, you should talk to your doctor about whether you're eligible for the sur... Read More »