Can you have forums in facebook groups?

Answer just create a post for each topic like a forum - there arent really any other ways to do it

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How have sites like MySpace, Facebook, as well as online forums, etc changed your view of community?

I find that these online community sites are good in two respects:1. You can forge connections with new people based on shared interests. For example, connecting with people from your alma mater.2.... Read More »

How to Join Groups on Facebook?

For people that are new to Facebook and may not know how to join groups/like pages. Here's how!

How to Display My Groups on Facebook?

A Facebook group is a special Facebook area that any member can create. Once you create a Facebook group, you can add other Facebook users to the group so they can share pictures and other content.... Read More »

What are some of the strangest groups you have seen on facebook?

Ohhh my favorites:I enjoy square watermelonsBack in my day, evolution simply meant a more badass Pokémon.No, I Don't Care If I Die At 12AM, I Refuse To Pass On Your Chain Letter.Sorry, That Was My... Read More »