Can you have films on the iphone 3gs?

Answer It's either compatibile with International Mobile Telecommunications 2000 (IMT-2000 or 3G) and/or the phone is the third generation of it's model.

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How many films can you have on a 16G iPhone?

How many films does a iPhone 4s 32gb?

By acquiring the iPhone 4s you only gain, more space, better speakers, iOS 5+ , and to me the best is Siri

How many films does an iPhone 4S 32GB hold?

That is something you can't do on your iPhone, but if you have a Mac, you can use the iMovie software on the Mac to delete audio. There might be an iMovie app on the app store, but I am not complet... Read More »

What are the difference in the cameras used in bollywood films and Hollywood films?

I be been to one of the shootings in India the cameraman said the cost of the camera is 1 crore were as the ones used in Hollywood is 10 crores (panavision genisis) , though slowly now they are swi... Read More »