Can you have dsl without local phone service?

Answer Naked digital subscriber line (DSL) service, also called unbundled or stand-alone Internet service, is a form of broadband Internet that doesn't require you to have phone service. It allows you to ... Read More »

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Do I need to have local phone service in order to subscribe to vonage?

no, you can do everything on the Internet, when there ask you about a phone-number, just click new number...which is you don't have to wait to get a land-line ported!!! all you need is h... Read More »

Can you have DSL without phone service?

Yes, you can have DSL without phone service. AT&T is just one company that boasts DSL without a phone line through four different plans. It requires a DSL modem and connection, which the company s... Read More »

Can you have high speed Internet without phone service?

You do not need a phone line for high-speed Internet service. Cable, Wi-Fi wireless and satellite Internet do not require phone lines. DSL broadband Internet service requires a physical phone line,... Read More »

Can you have wireless Internet service without a land phone?

Yes, you can have wireless Internet service without a landline. Many cable and satellite TV providers offer wireless Internet service. Some cell phones can access the Internet and can even function... Read More »