Can you have double cream while pregnant?

Answer course you can,dauphonise all the way girls!

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Recipe called for heavy whipping cream, can I used double cream Is for cheesecake filling.?

double cream will be fine for a cheesecake filling instead of heavy whipping cream. if you're mixing it with cheese of some sort, then the double cream will probably give a better result.

Can i use Double cream on tiramisu rather using a mascarpone cheese cream?

It won't be quite the same but it's still going to be awesome.

Double cream whipping too quickly?

Double cream will always do that.If you want a lighter texture with more air in then that is what whipping cream is for

How to Make Double Cream, Cinnamon and Cherries Hot Chocolate?

This is a really scrummy drink, you just need to make sure you have the ingredients and the time to make it.