Can you have double cream while pregnant?

Answer course you can,dauphonise all the way girls!

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Can i use Double cream on tiramisu rather using a mascarpone cheese cream?

It won't be quite the same but it's still going to be awesome.

Recipe called for heavy whipping cream, can I used double cream Is for cheesecake filling.?

double cream will be fine for a cheesecake filling instead of heavy whipping cream. if you're mixing it with cheese of some sort, then the double cream will probably give a better result.

Can your baby get pregnant if you have sex while pregnant?

The baby can get pregnant only if it's a female. If you suspect that your baby is pregnant, try not to have sex again. You run the risk of getting your baby's baby pregnant and that can lead to com... Read More »

Can you have sex while using Monistat cream during pregnancy?

I would not suggest having sex until your yeast infection is healed, as you can pass it on to your partner.